Downey, California Private Equity Funded Loan

Property Type: Light Industrial Building

Lien Position: 1st Trust Deed

Loan Amount: $340,000.00

Appraised Value: $695,000.00

LTV: 48%

Loan Rate: 10.50%

Loan Type: Investment Purpose

Occupancy: Non-Owner Occupancy

Term: “24” Months Interest Only

Light Industrial building located in Downey, California where our company funded a $340,000.00 1st Trust Deed Private Money Loan

Downey, California – The Borrower owned several commercial buildings and needed to raise funds for a down payment to close escrow on a small industrial building that he was able to purchase at a very good price in Downey, California.  The subject property that was chose was his light industrial building where he ran his business from.  Since he was not able to prove his income due to being self-employed and there not being a tenant paying monthly rent on the chosen subject property, income was a problem.  We were able to obtain bank statements from the Borrower that showed the necessary income to pay the monthly mortgage payment on the loan that the Borrower was looking to obtain. We were able satisfy our investor’s lending requirements and were able to fund the loan in time for him to close escrow on his new building.