Victorville, California Hard Money Funded Loan

Property Type: Single Family Residence

Lien Position: 1st Trust Deed

Loan Amount: $100,000.00

Appraised Value: $170,000.00

LTV: 58%

Loan Rate: 10%

Loan Type: Investment Purpose

Occupancy: Non-Owner Occupancy

Term: “24” Months Interest Only

Single Family House located in Victorville, California where our company arranged a $100,000.00 1st Trust Deed Hard Money Loan

In February 2018 a Mortgage Broker that works with our company submitted his client’s $100,000.00 loan request from a Borrower who was looking to borrow on his rental property in Victorville, California.  We were able to arrange a New $100,000.00 1st Trust Deed that paid off the then due 1st Trust Deed and provided he Borrower additional funds to put toward another investment property.