We thought we would again review the Sales & Marketing Loan Origination strategies that every Loan Officer or Mortgage Company should employ to properly compete in the competitive mortgage industry.

First off, it’s been our experience since our company was founded way back in 1986 that the following “2” conditions MUST be satisfied before any Borrower will make the decision to apply for real estate financing with any Bank, Mortgage Company or Loan Officer…….they are as follows:

  1. A Borrower MUST have “Confidence” in the Loan Officer or Mortgage Company
  1. A Borrower MUST have “Trust” in the Loan Officer or Mortgage Company 

If a potential Borrower does not have both “Confidence and Trust” in the Loan Officer or Mortgage Company…………………. then they’ll take their business elsewhere.

With above in mind, Loan Officers that originate Real Estate Loans MUST always present themselves in a professional business manner and impress upon all Borrower Clients that they are there to help the Borrower achieve their goals.

During the Origination and Processing timeframe, always make sure to keep your Client/Borrower fully updated as to the “Status” of their pending loan.

Make sure that your Client/Borrowers are provided all required Loan Disclosures within “3” days following the signing of the 1003 Loan Application, and always follow up to see if your client has any questions or concerns relating to the Disclosed Interest Rate or Closing Costs.

If a Borrower does have an issue with anything, immediately address their concerns to their satisfaction …………no one expects perfection, but a client will very much appreciate the attention to their concerns.

Make sure that the Borrower’s contact information is entered into your CRM (Client Relationship Management) system so the Borrower can receive E-Mailed information regarding informative information and any available “Specials” and updates on possible alternative loan programs that the Borrower might be interested in obtaining.

Following the closing of the Borrower’s Loan, always make sure to follow up with them within a month or so to check in to see if they’re satisfied with the loan provided, and if there was a specific purpose as to why they obtained the loan………. then check to see if everything went well with their intended plans for any Cash Out.

It just can’t be emphasized enough…………………always stay in contact with your past Borrowers, so they’ll keep you in mind when the time comes when they need real Estate financing again or wishes to refer a family or friend.

Following are a number “Sales and Marketing Actions” that can be implemented that will help you or your company originate more clients:

 Professionally Designed Website

Every Loan Officer or Mortgage Company MUST have a professionally designed website, that provides the information that potential Borrowers are looking to obtain when searching for a loan program……………… and a loan officer or company to arrange the requested loan. Sales & Marketing Loan Origination

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

 This can be a limited or large endeavor, from just staying in contact with past clients up and to a wide-reaching campaign directed at many contact categories.

Some of the possible actions are as follows:

 E-Mail Contact with ALL “Past Clients”

 We covered this above…………. but we just can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be vigilant in staying in contact with all past clients.

E-Mail “Referral Sources”


 Depending on the type of real estate financing provided this can range from FNMA/FHLMC financing for their Buyers to Sub-Prime and Private Equity Financing available to their Buyers who are having trouble obtaining financing.


 This can range from traditional FMNA/FHLMC to Sub-Prime & Private Equity Financing.

Typically, Builders align themselves with one primary lender, so if a Builder enters into an Exclusive Agreement, then most available opportunities to originate financing would be by “Saving the Deal” with alternative financing options.

CPA’s, Accountants & Financial Planners

People that employ a CPA, Accountant or Financial Planner typically have above average net worth and income.

Most of these people have good to great credit and are very busy in their daily lives, so if a relationship can be established with a CPA, Accountant or Financial Planner which have the trust of their clients can be a great opportunity for them to introduce their clients that are in need of real estate financing.

Direct Mail Campaigns

While direct mail has fallen a little out of favor due to the costs and logistics involved when compared to E-Mail marketing………………it can still be an effective avenue for new clients.

 Mail to “Past Clients”

This can be in addition to an E-Mail Marketing Program………. believe it or not, but not everyone has an E-Mail account.

 Mail to people that only “Contacted” you or your company in the past

All good Loan Officers should keep a “List of all Contacts”, this should include the person’s name, phone number and E-Mail address.  Just because the Borrower made the prior choice to obtain financing elsewhere, or was Not qualified at the time of contact, doesn’t mean you should overlook the opportunity to assist the person in the future.

 Mail to Identified potential Borrowers

This can range from FNMA/FHLMC Borrowers to Borrowers who have been identified to have “Credit Issues” that might benefit from Sub-Prime or Private Equity Financing.

 Mail to Identified Property Types

This is usually done to identify properties that are “Outside the Box” for traditional financing sources, such as Small Commercial Properties, Light Industrial or Vacant Properties.

 Online Advertising

 Facebook and Other PPC Marketing Venues

 This can be set up on a limited basis at first, most of this type of advertising is based on PPC (Pay Per Click), where there is a charge “Every Time” people “Click” an Online Add that takes the interested people to the associated website.  This can make the phone ring or additional E-Mal contacts, but extreme care must be taken when setting up the Online Add to limit “Clicks” from the most relevant and interested parties.

Online Directory Listings, Internet Ads & Craigslist Postings

Most online directory listing sites offer an opportunity to add you or your company to their directory listing………most are 100% free.

Many potential clients will often visit online directory listing sites as part of their quest to locate a loan officer or mortgage company to assist them with needed real estate financing.

Additionally, Google and the other search engines will become aware of the various directory listing of you, or your company and it will help in search results when potential clients are searching online.

Internet ads can be set up as Display Only Ads where a set price is established prior to placing the online display advertising, as opposed to PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.

This can be a good way to get your message in front of many potential clients for a reasonable price.

Placing ads on Craigslist and their other competitors is very inexpensive and could lead to new clients.  The advertising prices for most categories cost only $5.00 per month……. don’t overlook this inexpensive and possible profitable marketing opportunity. Sales & Marketing Loan Origination

Print Advertising

Sales & Marketing Loan Origination

Full Color Flyers

We’re aware that we now live in a “Digital World”, but we’re all still people and just about everyone appreciates the personal touch that’s outside the Digital World.  Full color flyers that have that “Wow Factor” and contain helpful and informative information for a prospective Borrower…………………… in addition to information to contact you or your company can make a great impression.

Full color flyers can be mailed as part of a Mailing Campaign, or personally handed out to prospective clients at trade shows.


Newspaper Advertising

This can take several forms, from simple and small Classified Ads to ROP (Run of Press) display ads in the general section of the newspaper.  The draw back to this type of advertising is that it can be expensive, and the “Window of Opportunity” for your message to reach a perspective client is very short, because by the end of the day most newspapers are tossed out along with any classified or display ad you or your company paid to have in the newspaper.

The Big Banks that are Household Names use this type of advertising to promote Brand Awareness and to compete against each other.  This type of advertising might not be the best way for a Loan Officer or Mortgage Company to invest their advertising budget.


This type of advertising is typically directed to publications that are real estate related, as opposed to general circulation magazines……publication such as Homes & Land Magazine might be a good choice to place an ad about you or your company and the purchase financing that your company offers.

 Relationship/Partnership Marketing

  • Realtors

There are many different ways that a “Relationship” can be established with Realtors, the best is getting to be the Realtor’s Primary referral lender for their Buyers.

If the Realtor already has a Primary Lender relationship, but is open to working with another lender, then there are many ways to establish a Relationship with a Realtor that is open to working with other lenders, but most of the time it involves “Saving a Deal”.

Building relationships with Realtors can take time. Sales & Marketing Loan Origination

  • Builders

Most builders typically establish a Primary Lender relationship with one of the big banks, but it never hurts to beat the big banks and contact a builder early on in the development stage, in an attempt to show then “What You Got”, and if it’s good enough, then maybe you or your company can be the builder’s Primary Referral Lender.

The government is required to make public all “Pending” development projects and the companies that have submitted their development plans, obtaining information on the development companies and contacting them early, might provide an opportunity to become their Preferred Referral Lender.

But most of the time the best opportunity for a Loan Officer is to establish themselves or their company as a Backup Lender, for when a Borrower is not able to obtain a FNMA/FHLMC loan from the builders Primary Lender but might be able to be approved for a Non-Prime or Sub-Prime Loan.  The Builder would then be able to complete the sale of another property, the Buyer is able to close escrow on their new home………..everyone wins!!!!!!!

  • CPAs, Accountants & Financial Planners

Establishing a Relationship with one of the above Trusted Advisors has long been a reliable way Loan Officers have originated new clients.  As always, anytime a Trusted Advisor refers a Loan Officer or Mortgage Company to one of their client’s they need to have both “Trust & Confidence” in who they are referring to their client.  They don’t want to end up looking bad and further regretting the referral.  When considering taking the time and hard work to establish a Relationship, always make sure to be 100% professional and “Know Your Stuff”……………………Trusted Advisors always appreciate referral sources that exhibit professionalism and product knowledge. Sales & Marketing Loan Origination.

 Business Organization Involvement

 Mortgage Trade Organizations

Every Loan Officer or Mortgage Company should have a membership in one of the Mortgage Trade Organizations, and to further take advantage of all the support and educational services available.  If you or your company become a member………. make sure to get involved.

Trade organizations provide educational and new law of regulation updates to their members, and further have experts that can address and assist members with specific clients matters and regulatory compliance.

While this is not necessarily a “Sales & Marketing Action” that is directed at potential clients, always remember, no one does everything, so the opportunity might present itself where another member needs help with a specific loan transaction.

General Business Organizations & Chamber of Commerce Membership

Becoming a member in a general business organization or Chamber of Commerce is always a good idea, it’s a great way to be a positive force in the business community and provides an opportunity to meet and get to know other business owners and active community leaders in the community.

So often the general membership is comprised of Trusted Advisors and possible client referral sources.  But don’t just make membership a hustle opportunity, other members will take notice.

Just know every other member is also looking for new clients and opportunities……………get involved and active………….others will notice.

Charitable Organizational Involvement


Sales & Marketing Loan Origination Local Charities, Schools and Police & Fire Departments

This can take the form of many different types of involvement, from participating in events, such as being a sponsor, where there are typically different levels of sponsorship to assisting in a support capacity.

Situations such as providing financial support, where you or your company is Mentioned as a sponsor or “Thanked” by the Charity for you or your company’s support, to “Purchasing a Table” and “Comping” the event’s to deserving people to attend the event can build good will. Sales & Marketing Loan Origination.

Many schools provide opportunities for people or companies to participate in Sponsoring sporting events or “Other” school sanctioned events.  If you or your company participate as a “Sponsor” in a local Baseball League, the opportunity is available to have Banners or “Other” ways to inform the Community of you or your company’s support of a worthy event.  People in the community always like to work with people or companies that support worthy causes and the overall community.

Government agencies are always wanting for “More Money”, and the Police and Fire Departments have many ways to both support them and in turn receive credit for you or your company’s support with the community.

Both the Police and Fire Departments have Annual Open Houses, which provides an opportunity to show you or your company’s support.  In today’s world most people like the Police, but everyone loves the Firemen………. you’ll never go wrong supporting your local Fire Department.

But, even past the benefits that such support might bring to you or your company………………it’s just the right thing to do!

Well, that about covers the “Sales and Marketing Action” list.

We hope that something we mentioned above can be implemented and put into action by you or your company and will lead to many future happy clients.

If anyone notices a missing “Sales and Marketing Action” that we’ve left out, then please take a moment to point it out to us………………. we would be most appreciative!


Our company funds Private Equity/Hard Money Loans, and if anyone has a “Problem Loan”, and just can’t seem to get it past the finish line with traditional Institutional sources, then please give our company the opportunity to assist you and your client in obtaining real estate financing.  We’re very competitive with interest rates and we’re very broker friendly!!!



Our general E-Mail address is:            info@westarlending.com

Our toll-free phone number is:          (888) 797-7970

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